Rick Jackson Motorsports

Lucas Oil Top Alcohol Funny Car (TAFC) Championship  Team

Centre Pointe Collision Centers in Santa Clarita is the proud motorsports sponsor of the TAFC  Tuned by Rick Jackson, owner of  Centre Pointe Collision Centers and the Rick Jackson Racing dragracing team. 

Rick's team has set and reset the National Speed Record in the NHRA TAFC Class three times.

Jackson Lombardo Racing

Rick Jackson


Owner - Operator of Centre Pointe Collision Centers

Race Team Owner and Tuner

Rick and his wife Kathy are active members of the day to day business and enjoy their weekends at the dragstrip running their Top Alcohol Funny Car.

The team has won multiple races and several back to back Regional Championships - they are still on the hunt for the coveted NHRA Championship. 

Shane Westerfield



2018 LODRS West Region Champion  

2017 TAFC Champion

Shane and his wife Kayleigh and daughter Corah spend as much time as they can at the race track. Shane is not only the driver of one of the fastest TAFC on the planet but also spends a great amount of time on the water in his families Drag Boat. Shane comes into the 2019 season as the newly named driver of Rick Jacksons TAFC and will represent CP-Carrillo and Lucas Oil.


Chris Perl


Chris is the Team Manager and Car Chief

Chris has worked for several pro and sportsman race teams in his 18 year NHRA career.  When not racing Chris enjoys spending time with his fiancé Christine and laying by the pool with a cocktail.

Scott Manning


Scott is the clutch specialist and is truly the best! Scott's day to day job is at Lenco Transmissions. 

On the off weekends, Scott is home with his wife Monique and their puppies or he is traveling even more, going to the Drag Boat Races to service the customers of Lenco. 

Mike Pavia


Mike has been involved in the NHRA for the past 28 years in the Alcohol class. When Mike is not racing he is in the demolition industry in NewYork. Mike enjoys spending  time with his  daughter Sophia riding snow mobiles

LuAnn Bishop


LuAnn handles the Marketing and Sponsor Relations for the team.

LuAnn is a native of Indianapolis. She has passed her passion for drag racing onto her husband Randy and her youngest son Justin, who both work in the sport. On her off weekends, LuAnn spends time with her other children, Jeremiah, Michael and Holly along with spoiling her grandchildren. 

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Race Results


2019 Lucas Oil Drag Racing

Race Results coming soon

2017, 2016 and 2015  Central Region Champion with Driver John Lombardo Jr

2018 JLR Race Results


  1. Las Vegas National Event - Runner Up 
  2. Las Vegas Regional Event - Semi Finals
  3. Topeka KS National Event - Semi Finals
  4. Joliet IL National Event - Second round
  5. Tulsa OK Regional Event - Round  one
  6. Morrison CO Regional Event - Round one 
  7. Topeka KS Regional Event - Event Winner
  8. Indianapolis IN - Second Round
  9. Reading PA - SemiFinals
  10. Dallas TX - Second Round
  11. Las Vegas NV - Second Round
  12. Las Vegas  Regional - Second Round
  13. Pomona CA - Second Round

2017 Final National Points

#1 Shane Westerfield             701  

 #2John Lombardo                  679   

#3 Doug Gordon                      638   

2017 JLR Race Results

Pomona CA  - Winternationals -  Qualified #2 
First round:John Lombardo--RT.085. ET 5.477 MPH 270.64Mike Drake RT 143. ET 6.551 MPH 168.11

Round Two: JonnieLindberg-RT.071 ET 5.445 MPH 268.01John Lombardo--RT.062 ET 5.463 MPH 271.57

GAINESVILLE  Qualified #1
John LombardoTAFC--RT .071 ET 5.409 MPH 274.61Phil BurkartTAFC-- RT .103 ET 5.424 MPH 269.89
This is a great side race as these two go to the top of the list. Lombardo Jr. launched hard and was straight down the groove. Lombardo with a big top end speed and he sets the National speed record. 
Round 0ne: John LombardoTAFC--RT.068 ET 9.518 MPH 95.77
Kris HoolTAFC------------------No show
Round two: John LombardoTAFC--RT.111 ET 5.459 MPH 273.27Right---------------------unopposed
Round Three: Ann Marie WhiteleyTAFC--RT.081 ET 5.404 MPH 273.05John LombardoTAFC--RT.061 ET 5.425 MPH 273.72

Las Vegas: Qualified #3
Round one:John LombardoTAFC--RT .021 ET 5.520 MPH 267.00D.J. CoxTAFC---RT .079 ET 11.399 MPH 116.66
Round two: John LombardoTAFC--RT .050 ET 5.513 MPH 266.64Terry RuckmanTAFC--RT.027 ET 5.598 MPH 262.28
Round three: John LombardoTAFC--RT.064 ET 5.774 MPH 262.74Doug GordonTAFC--RT.035 ET 5.587 MPH 265.27
LasVegas Lucas Oil RegionalQualified# 6   - Event Winner
Round one: John Lombardo Jr., Brea, Calif., '16 Camaro, 5.488, 268.65 def. Jay Payne, Claremont, Calif., '17 Camaro, 5.620, 264.80Round two: Lombardo Jr., 5.542, 268.22 def. Januik, 10.274, 82.75Final Round: Lombardo Jr., 5.507, 268.87 def. Gordon, 5.674, 263.46.
For anyone who had made the trip from California, they were treated to an all California final round in Top Alcohol Funny Car. Lombardo, Brea, Calif., shot off the starting line first, never looking back for an easy victory. The Brea driver finished at 5.507 seconds, 268.87 mph. Doug Gordon, Paso Robles, Calif., finished second at 5.674 seconds, 263.46 mph.

Topeka KS - Qualified #1  - Event Winner
First round: John Lombardo  RT 0.063 ET 5.403 MPH 272.89
Steve Burk   RT 0.031  ET 9.205  MPH 96.33
Round two: John Lombardo RT .061  ET 5.398  MPH 274.16 
Doug Gordon RT .028  ET 5.443  MPH 270.75
** Lombardo Career best and the third quickest pass in the history of TAFC**
Round three: John Lombardo RT .058 ET 5.423 MPH 272.12

Final Round: 
John Lombardo  Winner
John Lombardo  RT .063  ET 6.261  MPH 263.05
Annie Whitely  RT .047 ET 9.229  MPH 111.41

Joliet IL Qualified #7 - Event Winner
First round: 
 John Lombardo Jr. - RT 0.080 ET 5.569 MPH  256.26  **WINNER**Andy Bohl   RT 0.119 ET 5.896 MPH256.26  
Bohl is late and runs well off of his qualifying pace. John Lombardo Jr. gets an easy win.

Round two: John Lombardo RT 0.063 ET  5.765  MPH 267.37    **WINNER**Scott McVey  RT 0.076 ET 8.749 MPH 102.45
Final Round: John Lombardo Jr. RT 0.084 ET 5.590 MPH 268.06 **WINNER**Chris Foster RT0.069 ET 9.882 MPH 89.16
Denver CO. - Qualified #1  - Event Winner
First round: John Lombardo RT 0.037 ET 13.01 MPH 62.37 **Winner **Kris Hool RT Red light - 050 ET 5.83 MPH 247.20
Final round: John Lombardo Jr -0.092 ET 7.52 MPH 127.96 **Winner**Bill Bernard - Red light -092 ET 5.712 MPH 249.95
Tulsa OK  #1 Qualifier - Event Winner
Round one John Lombardo has a single pass RT0.103 ET 5.571 MPH 266.69
Round two: John Lombardo RT 0.070 ET 5.547  MPH 267.80   **Winner**Kirk Williams RT 0.003  ET 5.638 MPH 256.99
Final Round:John Lombardo  RT 0.122  ET 5.548 MPH 267.11   **WINNER**
Scott McVey RT  0.149  ET 6.478 MPH 165.80

Joilet IL - Qualified #5
Round one:John Lombardo RT .2431 ET 5.561 MPH 269.94  Chris Foster RT .147 ET 5.623 MPH 237.13  **WINNER**
Topeka KS - Qualified #1 - Event Winner
Round one: John Lombardo RT 0.075  ET 5.525 MPH 269.29  *winner*
Lombardo has a single pass
Round two:John Lombardo RT 0.035 ET 5.500 MPH 270.05  **winner**  Kirk Williams  RT 0.043 ET  5.722  MPH 238.81
Final Round: John Lombardo  RT 0.041  ET 5.511 MPH 267.43  **WINNER**     Kris Hool   RT 0.100 ET  5.640 MPH 260.66

Indianapolis IN- Qualified #3 - Event Winner

Round one: 

John Lombardo RT 051 ET 5.507 MPH 269.13 *winner*

Tyler Scott RT 060 ET 6.364 MPH139.00  

Round two: 

John Lombardo RT 053 ET 5.409 MPH 271.68 *winner*

Ulf Leanders RT 067 ET 6.021 MPH 184.80

Round three:

John Lombardo RT 047 ET 5.492 MPH 269.08 *winner*

Annie Whitely RT 102 ET 5.545 MPH 267.59

Final Round: 

John Lombardo RT 059 ET 5.485 MPH 269.08 **WINNER**

Doug Gordon  RT 066 ET 5.715 MPH 262.64

Charlotte NC - Qualified #14 - Event Runner -Up

Round one: 

John Lombardo RT 072 ET 5.538 MPH 246.93 *winner*

Steve Gasparrelli RT 091 ET 11.806 MPH 77.63

Round two: 

Jay Payne RT 054 ET 6.121 MPH 179.64 

John Lombardo  RT 079 ET5.473 MPH 270.05 *winner*

Round three:

Larry Dixon RT 168 ET 7.629 MPH 141.58

John Lombardo RT 085 ET 6.638 MPH 256.41 *winner*

Final Round: 

Andy Bohl RT 103 ET 5.556 MPH268.60 *Winner*

John Lombardo RT 059 ET 5.786 MPH 267.91



Round one:

John Lombardo RT 079 ET 5.517 MPH  268.44 *winner*

Andy Bohl RT .058 ET 5.590 MPH 264.60

Round two 

John Lombardo  RT .057 ET 5.544 MPH 267.96

Shane Westerfield RT .046 ET 5.445 MPH 270.43  **winner*

LasVegas NV - Qualified # 6

First round: John Lombardo RT .047 ET 5.585 MPH *winner

Jirka Kaplan RT -.001(red) 

Second round:

John Lombardo RT .062 ET 5.623 MPH 263.67

Ulf Leanders RT .047 ET 5.550 MOH 264.91 **winner*

Las Vegas - Regional Fall 2017 - Winner

Round one: 

John Lombardo - RT .089 ET 5.678 MPH 265.95 **winner**

Jay Payne RT .080 ET 10.770 MPH 109.20

Second Round: 

John Lombardo - RT .069 ET 5.002 MPH 234.57 **winner**

Shane Westerfield RT .045 ET 13.993 MPH 78.64

Final Round: 

John Lombardo  - RT .048 - ET 5.583 MPH  267.32  ** WINNER **

Brian Hough RT .075 - ET 5.719 MPH 262.74

Pomona CA - Qualified #3 - Winner -

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